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Client Testimonials

"My shih tzu can be very nervous with people he doesn't know so I tried to find a groomer who was understanding and professional. I discovered Furrynuff on the internet and took Sam along to meet Trudy. That was in 2010 and we've used her ever since.

Trudy's professionalism is exemplary in both knowledge and attention to detail. I have never hesitated to leave Sam's grooming style in Trudy's very capable hands and always been absolutely delighted to collect my very happy smart little boy 2 hours later!

Warm, friendly, gold star service I would recommend Trudy to any dog owner looking for a conscientious professional groomer."

Theresa J & Samye Ling (Shih Tzu)

Sam visits for his professional grooming appointment every 5-7 weeks. He is kept in a short, manageable but highly stylised trim which both flatters him and allows him to maintain an active lifestyle. Over the years Theresa & I have experimented with various styling elements. Here he shows off flared legs & a softer, rounded head piece inspired by the styling popular in many Asian countries, where it is practised as an art form.

"I decided to use a professional groomer because I hardly have time to run a comb through my own hair let alone detangle two muddy sprocker spaniels. I soon realised that grooming is more than making your dog look tidy. I've learnt so much about the dogs' health and wellbeing from Trudy thanks to her grooming report when I collect them. She really gets to know the dogs and Molly and Banjo's coats are cut to suit their love of hedgerows, muddy fields and swimming. She's great."

Pauline W & Banjo & Molly (Sprocker Spaniels)

Pauline likes to keep Molly & (Molly's son,) Banjo comfortable in practical short-but-stylish lifestyle trims. Their 8 weekly appointment schedule is ideal for their fast growing dense silky coats, ensuring professional intervention before they become too matted. Sporting their fluffy topknots they maintain distinctively characteristic head pieces loved by their humans!

"Sophie is a Miniature Schnauzer mix from Alaska. She came into my life in 2001 when I found her in the local animal shelter as a five month old. Her hair lacks the wiriness that pure-bred Schnauzers generally have and good grooming with a skilled groomer has always been a part of her life. When she and I settled in Scotland, finding other professionals for her needs was as important as finding quality care providers for mine. With help from her new veterinarian, we were able to connect with Trudy. She has taken Sophie into her care and has kept her comfortable and looking very smart. Sophie needs to have most of her body kept clipped quite short including her belly as her extremely soft, fine hair mats so easily. Therefore, the typical Schnauzer cut with a skirt and all just doesn't do and Trudy accommodates this very well. Sophie likes Trudy, is happy to be left with her, always comes home looking good and it is easy for me to care for her between her regularly scheduled grooming appointments. All of that is very important to me and I appreciate Trudy's gentle care of Sophie and her professionalism in her dealings with me. Trudy and Dr Andy are two very important people in Sophie's new life here in Scotland and I am so pleased about that."

Sharon S & Sophie (Miniature Schnauzer)

Sophie visits on a 5 weekly appointment schedule, to maintain the 'just groomed' appearance which appeals to Sharon. Having become accustomed to regular grooming since a pup, Sophie knows the grooming process intimately, aided by Sharon's attentive coat management between appointments to prevent it from matting. This ensures that her time with me being professionally groomed is a pleasurable, efficient process of dog & human working together.

"Having moved to the area in 2011 I obtained Trudy’s number from the internet. Millie had never been professionally groomed before because we used to live on Shetland and I didn’t know of anyone there but I had always had my previous dog groomed regularly. I am so glad I found Trudy. She is professional, friendly and very good at her job. Millie has looked great ever since. Trudy also spots any problems while she is grooming and gives tips on what to do to prevent them getting worse and best of all Millie thinks she’s great."

Val P & Millie (Cocker Spaniel)

Millie visits on an 8 weekly appointment schedule. Her coat is trimmed to show off her beautiful markings to good effect. Her feathering is kept shorter, for life as a pet, with her feet tightly trimmed to repel debris & dirt. Her full ear furnishings are trimmed to frame her face, giving her a flattering, characteristically tender spaniel-like appearance.

"We decided to use a pet groomer due to the breed of dog (working cocker spaniel) and to manage her coat. We have had Katie's coat cut on a few occasions now and the last cut two cuts were definitely the best and exactly what we wanted. We didn't want anything fancy but more practical to manage her coat in between visits.

We are very happy with the service and with Trudy building up a good relationship with Katie.

I know Trudy from doing work for her building her grooming studio. Being local is something that appeals to me too.

Rob T & Katie (Cocker Spaniel)

Katie visits on an 8-10 weekly appointment schedule. Her coat is beautifully glossy, despite an active country lifestyle – swimming in rivers & dashing through fields. Katie's feet & furnishings are kept trim to avoid attracting too much organic matter. This styling also helps minimise the amount of time Katie's coat & skin stay damp, which can result in 'wet dog smell'. A thorough hydromassaging bath helps to keep her skin in healthy condition; sloughing off excess dead skin cells & stimulating the blood supply to healthy underlying skin.

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