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Professional dog grooming
in a calm, personal setting


Grooming is for
every dog

Grooming is more than a stylish haircut. It is essential in helping prevent health issues & critical to managing your pet's wellbeing.

Every pet requires regular grooming throughout its life:

*neglecting to do so can adversely affect humans & the home

A professional groomer is an additional experienced pair of hands & eyes to help keep a check on your pet's health & wellbeing.

A one-to-one grooming experience - ideal for
puppies, adolescent & senior pets.
Especially suited to pets fearful of
being handled & groomed*

... and your pet!

* I offer a force-free grooming service; using low stress handling techniques & science-based behaviour modification methods including desensitisation, counterconditioning & positive reinforcement

At your pet's service,
for your convenience

Calm, force-free professional dog grooming, with personalised services tailored to your & your pet's requirements.

Your pet is groomed in a purpose equipped studio - at its own pace - by an experienced handler.

Pre-bookable appointments, fixed or flexible appointment schedules & affordable payment options.

Your pet's skin & coat is professionally managed year round, helping keep it comfortable & hygienic.

An experienced groomer with verifiable credentials, using skilled techniques, specialist equipment & professional grade products.

Peace of mind about your pet's safety & welfare. PLUS - a great groom that leaves your pet looking, feeling & smelling 'just groomed'.